How to Fix Error 5100 On Canon iP2770 Printer


August 19, 2013Canon PrinterNo comments

Error 5100 occurred at Canon iP2770 Printer This is usually caused because they are not detected by the Printer Cartridge. So the message Error 5100 We inform that the printer can not find its cartridges. Well, a few tips to overcome error 5100 I will try to describe in this post, and this trick I’ve often practice.

Steps to Fix Error 5100 On Canon iP2770 Printer:

Turn off the printer
Remove both cartridges from the printer
Use a cloth moistened with alcohol to clean the surface of the contact / terminal connector that touches Cartridge printer / could also use a pencil eraser
Replace the two Cartridge
Turn on the printer.

Error 5100 and also has not appeared yet, I hope this solution will be useful for you

Good luck